Great product design is what we live for.

I decided to buy one SONOS primarily for the purposes of experiencing their setup process, app and sound quality.


So easy, so solid, so very good, so inspiring.

And so I was thoroughly sold. SONOS became the audio platform for my family’s new home. Soon after I’d purchased a variety of SONOS hardware and we all continued to truly enjoy our whole-house system (to date: four PLAY:1s, one PLAYBAR, one PLAYBASE, two SUBs, three PLAY:3s, four CONNECT:AMPs driving four pairs of indoor and outdoor in-ceiling speakers, all controlled by two dedicated iPod Touch and our mobile devices). I was pretty much in love and told anybody who would listen that SONOS’ tag line should be “Yes.” because yes, it does that, whatever you might want it to do. SONOS does setup and functional things so seamlessly I began asserting the notion that “if it’s not as easy as SONOS or Dropcam it’s unacceptable” in product development working sessions. I fully intend to continue to add to my SONOS. However, I’ve noticed some gaps in the solution and sighted many others within the SONOS Community posting and communicating about analogous issues and gaps as well. Years before SONOS partnered with IKEA I decided to put some JDID industrial design efforts toward addressing opportunities to improve the SONOS experience overall. SONOS tops $1B in hardware sales yet there are no aftermarket accessories.

6 SONOS-complementing product concepts!

Starting with the unexpected (+LIGHT), we settled into a few that could have mass appeal and toped them off with the one idea that is the genesis of the entire project (+SOUL). A couple might challenge SONOS’ pre-IKEA partnership road map, that was by design. We conceptualized solutions to users’ expressed and observed latent needs.

I sincerely hope you find them all intriguing and weather you have personal experience with SONOS or not, you might appreciate our thinking and execution of these concepts.

Thank you, Jubal DeLong