+SOUL adds warmth to the SONOS experience and makes the interface as elegant as the rest of the system.

+SOUL is bespoke, totally built-to-order. Future owners select from fine woods, materials, motif and finishes to create a piece that resonates with their love of music listening. Custom laser etching of each facet demarks favorite artists, stations, playlist and more through text or glyph.

+SOUL is an exquisitely crafted handheld luxury item, absent of GUI, that furnishes a tangible, uninterrupted music listening experience.

+SOUL is inductively charged while resting in its powered nest. Inside is an electronic enclosure including an accelerometer, Wi-Fi chip and battery that can be re-housed as tastes evolve. While SONOS app remains operable, +SOUL complements a system, which may have a few for various users or occasions.

Capabilities Include

  • Play / Pause
  • Volume Up / Down
  • Favorite Artists / Stations
  • Random Artist / Station / Song
  • Skip to Next Song
  • Attenuate
  • Moods